Gasoline Engine Water Pump at Market

Gasoline engine water pump has different quality and prices in the market and our experts will guide you in choosing a better one. The gasoline pump motor consists of two parts, the pump and the motor, whose fuel consumption is gasoline. It is connected by a chassis and is used for pumping and transferring water in areas that do not have access to electricity.

 Gasoline Engine Water Pump at Market

What Are the Different Parts of a Water Pump?

What Are the Different Parts of a Water Pump? different parts of a gas water pump include the following:



Pump cover

O-ring (ring washer)

Mechanical flood (mechanical flood)

the butterfly


O-ring (ring washer)

Pump body

Flood (seal)


Cap (plug)

One-way valve


A Perfect Gasoline Engine Water Pump with Reasonablr Price

A Perfect Gasoline Engine Water Pump with Reasonablr Price Excellent gasoline engine water pump with reasonable price brings good profit for customers, gasoline engine water pump engine due to small dimensions, weigh less and are easily portable. In addition to the ease and low cost of repairs, they also have a longer lifespan than other water pump motors.

The increase in life of these pump motors is due to their lower compression ratio. This means that at the same engine speed, for example, 3000 ~ 3600 rpm, the gas station engine has a compression ratio between 8 and 11 and the diesel engine has a compression ratio between 13 and 17. This increases the pressure on the diesel engine components; Hence, at equal powers, they make diesel engines on a larger scale. The general belief that diesel engines have a longer lifespan also applies to large diesel engines with engine speeds between 100 and 1800 rpm.

It should be noted that gasoline fuel in Iran is much more expensive than fuels such as diesel and oil, and in cold weather the engine of diesel pumps (diesel) has a poorer performance than gasoline and gasoline engine engines do not start easily.

Easy access to its fuel in all regions of the country is one of the advantages of this pump and also in the fact that it does not freeze in winter and winter like diesel fuel. Two-stroke 43cc engines are typically used for 1 to 1.5-inch pumps, but four-stroke engines from 1 to 6 inches are used. Four-stroke engines are from 98 to 460 cc.

The gas pump motor can not be turned on continuously during long working hours, this series of pumps should be used intermittently and maintaining a rest time.

The gas pump engine is a four-stroke single-cylinder engine, which is air-cooled and is called air-cooled. The alloy used in the engine shell is aluminum. The fuel pump engine fuel system is done by a carburetor and carburetors are generally single-needle type.

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